The Lone Wolf Clubhouse is a recreational website founded in 2008. Its goal is to enhance member's enjoyment of motorcycling by offering organized rides, activities and weekly meets. The group promotes and encourages motorcycling by providing a safe and exciting opportunity to ride. Our membership is open to anyone interested in riding, from a newbie up to an expert.

Thanks to my experiences, I have taken what I liked and founded the Lone Wolf Clubhouse. My idea for this “clubhouse” is to have a website where motorcycle enthusiasts and lone wolf riders alike can “stop in”, have a “view” and hit upon an event found along the “info highway.”

We are not a 1% MC nor have any affiliation thereof. We are family and friends. No officers, no rules, no club functions. I’ll be honest, organization is great, but we all deal with structure in our everyday lives and so wouldn’t it be nice to simply get on a motorcycle, get together with close friends and just ride.

With that being said, the Lone Wolf Clubhouse website invites you to consider becoming a part of our family. This is a place where good friends can enjoy hanging out with each other and keep the desire to ride independently, but most importantly have a good time! 

By enlisting, you’ll receive our free newsletter, regarding motorcycle related information and events happening in the Windsor-Essex County area. Again, thank you for visiting and please take the time to navigate the website.
You are welcome to join us every Wednesday evening throughout the year starting around 5:30pm for supper at Dominion Golf Bar & Grill (6125 Howard Ave) in LaSalle, Ontario for our Bike Nights, followed by a mystery ride in the warmer months.
In addition to our website, we now can be found on Facebook: Clubhouse/230165736378 and Twitter:

Mike Bechard
Lone Wolf Clubhouse - Founder
LaSalle, Ontario - Canada

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